Packet Pick up

Beginning Monday at 8 AM, we have assigned your child’s class a pick up time. You will need to have your nametag or a paper in your car that lists your child’s first and last name and your child’s teacher.  

Pick up will take place in the front of the school in the first grade pick up lane. It is the same lane that is  used as a drop lane in the mornings. Please do not park and do not get out of your car. Pull to the far end of the pick up lane where you will see cones. We will read your nametag, get your child’s bag, and load it into the trunk of your car. The pick up schedule is located on our website and our Facebook page. You can also contact your teacher for your assigned time. Kindergarten classes will be in the morning, and first grade classes will be in the afternoon. 

If you are unable to come during your assigned time, please make every effort to come at some point on Monday. It is very important that you receive your child’s materials. If you have transportation issues, please contact the school or your teacher. 

We are looking forward to seeing you on Monday. Again, we will be practicing social distancing guidelines, as we want to keep everyone in our school and community safe.  Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work through this. 


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