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Jasper City Schools - Literacy Act Presentation for Parents -

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Dear Families,

 The My Child Can! Booklets for K-3 were developed by the Alabama State Department of Education, as a guide to help Alabama families understand the critical reading knowledge expected to be mastered at the end of grade level (K-3) by all Alabama students. We know that families are a child’s first teacher in life and understand the learning needs of their child. Families are essential in setting high expectations for learning and encouraging their child’s academic achievement, growth, and success! Your active participation and partnership with your child’s teacher and school, along with reading support at home, is critical to their success in meeting the assessment standards established in Alabama.

Below are links to each grade level:

Kindergarten     My Child Can! Kindergarten Booklet!%20-%20July%2031%202020.pdf

First Grade       My Child Can! First Grade Booklet!%20-%20July%2031%202020.pdf

Second Grade  My Child Can! Second Grade Booklet!%20%20-%20July%2031%202020.pdf

Third Grade    My child Can! Third Grade Booklet!%20-%20July%2031%202020.pdf



The Alabama Guide for Student Reading Success is a read-at-home plan which includes activities to help your child become a proficient reader.  The introductory pages (1-4) provide valuable information on how the guide can be helpful.,%202020.pdf


This is the link to the Spanish Document.
This link will take you more resources provided by the Alabama State Department of Education.
Supporting Your Child’s Reading at Home: Kindergarten—Second Grade Parents’ continued efforts to support reading skills at home can positively impact your child’s reading ability. The Regional Education Laboratory Program or “REL” Southeast has developed videos and activities to provide families with information about how to support children as they practice foundational reading skills at home categorized by the following recommendations: Developing Language, Linking Sounds to Letters, Blending Letters, Recognizing and Writing Words, and Reading for Understanding.
Videos for Kindergarten Family Involvement